False Flag Alien Invasion - Norio Hayakawa

Interview with UFOlogist, Norio Hayakawa, regarding holographic technology & project blue beam.

Area 51 Employee -Quasicrystals / Optical Technology

Edgar Fouche in 1999

Reverse Engineering UFO's - Bob Lazar

Please Support Bob Lazar's Attempt At A Normal Life, By Checking Out His Science Company  "UNITED NUCLEAR" Some Very Unique Science Products. - His Website: https://www.unitednuclear.com/   Collection Of Footage Supporting Bob Lazar And His Disclosure Of UFO Technology At Area 51. 1989 - 2017 And His Story Has Never Changed. Exact Same Details For 25 Years. Convincing Enough For Me To Believe It Was A Factual Event. John Lear, Gene Huff, and George Knapp Show Their Support.

Bill Cooper - VERSUS - Alex Jones & David Icke

Youtube Channel

Taxation is Theft - Goverment is Slavery

Save Local News

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