9/11 Alchemy - Facing Reality

DVD's are available for: "911 Alchemy - Facing Reality"
This is the most important topic of the 21st century.

$10 bucks


9/11 Alchemy - Free Energy & Free Thinking

DVD's are available for my 1st documentary about September 11th 2001.
Expanding on the evidence in "Where did the towers go?" by Dr. Judy Wood

$5 bucks


Norio Hayakawa - False Flag Alien Attack

DVD's are available for my recent interview with Norio Hayakawa regarding Project Blue Beam and a possible future false flag alien attack using holographic technology and advanced weapons.

$10 bucks


3 Hr. Documentary

Wolf Clan Media - 2018

Narrated by: Chris Hampton

Evidence of Advanced Secret Technology Used On Sept. 11th 2001

A Documentary by: Wolf Clan Media. Evidence of advanced '3D Image Projection' technology on 9/11. Presenting some of the key evidence compiled by Dr. Judy Wood in her book "Where did the towers go" as well as the research of Mark Conlon, Andrew Johnson, Richard D. Hall, Conspiracy Cuber, Morgan Reynolds, John Lear and others... Regarding the illusion of standard Boeing passenger airplanes on 9/11/2001.  

Evidence of Free Energy Technology Demonstrated To The Public On 9/11

With advanced 'image projection' capabilities.

$10 Order One

90 Min Documentary

Wolf Clan Media - 2017

Narrated by: Chris Hampton

9/11 - Free Energy & Free Thinking

A documentary presenting & expanding on the evidence compiled by Dr. Judy Wood in "Where did the towers go? Evidence of directed free energy technology on 9/11." 

$5 Order One

45 Min Interview

Wolf Clan Media - 2018

Interview: Norio Hayakawa

False Flag Alien Attack

Interview with Norio Hayakawa regarding a false flag alien attack and the alleged Project Blue Beam.

$10 Order One

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