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The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.

George Orwell

Previous Audio Work

Short Horror / Comedy Film - Run Time: 07:11

Three survivors of the Zombie Apocalypse, stranded in an abandoned warehouse, reveal their darkest secrets.   

Winner of Best Horror Comedy and the Audience Choice Award at the 2017 Die Laughing Film Festival in Los Angeles, CA.

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Media Services


Sound Design, Foley, Voiceover, Audio Editing, Mixing, DVD Encoding, Video Editing.

MUSIC: Mixing, (Pro-Tools) Mastering, Beat Making, Vocal Restoration & More...


Releases & Support For Independent Artists, Producers, Beat Makers, Singers, Truthful Music, Activist/Lyricist, Etc.

Radio / Podcast

Listen: To Interviews With Researchers, Musicians, Scientists, Ufologist, Experts And More....


Blogs & Other Writings / Slideshows From Various Intellectual Minds. Esoteric Studies, Occult Knowledge, Natural Law, 9/11 Research, Etc.


Hard Copy Albums, DVD's, T-Shirts, Production Equipment, Knowledge Pamphlets, Poetry, Art and More...

Free Services For Human Rights Victims

Post Production Certification

Wolf Can Media - Remix Of Wu-Tang Clan: "Tearz"

Artists: Syllablez & Top Squalor - Trip-Hop

Engineer: Christian Hampton - Wolf Clan Media

Video Editing / Music Scoring + Narration / VoiceOver

  • 9/11 Alchemy - Facing Reality

  • Full Length Documentary By: Wolf Clan Media

About Us


My name is Christian Hampton. I'm a Professional Audio Engineer with an understanding of the Technical Aspects of Sound, Waveforms And Resonance.  

I'm Also a Musician, Electrical Engineer & Indie Film-maker

I worked in the "Entertainment" industry for 2 years in Burbank, California. Working on Feature Films & Television Shows for Syndication / Re-Distribution, Specializing in Audio Editing, Mixing, Loudness mitigation, and Sound Design. 

Audio / Video Production

Studied At The Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences. 2014-2015 - Tempe, AZ 

Post Production - Audio Engineer -Roundabout Ent. 2015-2017 - Burbank, CA 


Engineer / Musician / Producer / Mixer / Post Production  / Loudness Metering / Television / Film Editing / Beat Making / Mastering / Encoding / Recording / Commercial Production / Investigative Research / Human Rights Activist

Human Rights

I'm a human being with knowledge of natural law. I'm not afraid to say: I'm aware of the war on Conciseness & Truth. And I will not sit by In "Ignor-ance" while EVIL controls the perception of reality in my fellow Human Beings.

Charity services available: I gladly offer my services [FREE] to anyone on this planet who is in need of exposure / media coverage.

Fill out the contact form if you would like to schedule a discussion via: Skype, Google, Messenger etc.

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